Sunday, 29 July 2012

Family Insurance Quotes

The increasing number of insurance companies has made the selection of family insurance quotes complicated. It is very difficult for a common person to opt for a comprehensive family insurance policy due to these complications. Some important factors are necessary to consider, while looking for family insurance quotes. It is a fact that everyone focuses on affordable quotes, which results compromising on important covers which are necessary to include in any insurance policy: particularly in family insurance policy. Here are few tips, which will help you to get comprehensive family insurance quotes.

Family insurance quotes – compare covers of different companies

            It is crucial to get information about offers of different companies of your area before purchasing a family insurance policy online. Select the reliable and trusted company of your area, after comparing the rates and covers. Usually, insurance companies, which offer comprehensive covers, are comparatively costly.
            While selecting the family insurance quotes, you must inquire for health covers. Usually, every insurance company offers health plan in family insurance quotes, but there are some complications in health cover. Some companies offers health cover but do not specify the clinics in the agreement, which leads to lot of difficulties for individual to avail health covers. So, you must insure that the company is providing health cover from doctors and clinics in your nearest area.

            The second insurance cover, which is necessary to inquire while comparing familyinsurance quotes, is life insurance covererage. Most of the insurance companies offer life insurance cover separate from family or group insurance policy, which costs too much to policy holders. So, best family insurance quotes are that which includes life insurance cover within the same policy.
Apart from health and life insurance covers, liability cover also must be part of your family insurance policy. It is better to purchase an insurance policy, which provides cover for all types of liability issues (including third party loss).  

How to opt for best Family insurance quotes?

            After comparing insurance quotes of different companies, you can purchase the policy according to your requirement. If you have already purchased an insurance policy, (health or life insurance); you can merge the previous policy in the new one. This strategy will help you to save money as you will need to pay single installment rather than paying multiple installments for multiple polices.

            At present, many insurance companies are offering polices with variety of covers; therefore, selection of trusted and reliable company is bit difficult. In this connection, you can get information from your friends, who already have purchased the same insurance policy. Moreover, you can also consult a trusted insurance agent of your area for the selection of reliable insurance company.

            Purchasing all the policies from a single company is more beneficial because, you can pay the entire installments at a single place. So, if you have already purchased an insurance policy, you must select the same company for the purchase of family insurance policy.

            By concentrating on the above mentioned tips, you can opt for the comprehensive family insurance quotes. A comprehensive family insurance policy is responsible for the security and safety of your family. A little care during selecting family insurance quotes can provide you with the best insurance policy along with saving lot of money.

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Saturday, 28 July 2012

What You Need To Know About Finding Family Insurance Quotes

What You Need To Know About Family Insurance Quotes

We live in a world where we are uncertain of what is going to happen to us in the next minute. This is probably the reason why insurance has become such an important undertaking in our lives. It’s imperative to note that insurance is primarily meant to return us to the financial position that we enjoyed before the occurrence of an accident or simple to protect as from financial liability. There are many types of insurance available at the disposal of people. However, obtaining family insurance quotes from a reputable broker is a subject that ranks highly among many family members across the globe. Insuring your family is without a doubt the best gift you can ever give your family. However, before you settle on the best policy online , it’s important that you take into consideration a number of the rate or quote offered by different companies.
The question that is uppermost in the minds of many families is how to get cheap and affordable family insurance quotes. However, thanks to the internet, individuals can now get all the information they need from the safety and comfort of their houses. It’s imperative to note that there are many family insurance websites where individuals can compare various quotes and make an informed decision. In order to settle for the best family insurance quotes, it’s important that you take into consideration a number of factors. These are:

 Company Profile
the reputation of the insurance firm and whether it holds a valid operating license
·         The quality of services offered by the insurance company
·         The criteria used to calculate quotes by various companies  
·         The national presence of the insurance firm
The aforementioned factors play a very important role in helping a family settle on not only affordable quotes but also make an informed decision. Gone are the days when individuals had to go from one company to collecting information on quotes and how they are calculated or determined. The internet age has made it possible for individuals to compare quotes offered by a number of companies by simply logging online and getting all information required.

Saving Your Time 
Did you know that every insurance agent has the quotes for the same products? That is correct. The insurance commissioner of the state mandates that for the consumer. You cannot get a better deal going direct or going from place to place getting quotes. In fact that is exactly what it is, just A quote. DO NOT submit your information online. You will be bombarded. Contact your local insurance agent or click here for a list near you. 

It’s imperative to note that when seeking for cheap and affordable family insurance quotes, carrying out a thorough research is of essence. This can be easily achieved by browsing the internet and comparing quotes offered by various insurance firms like Policy Online. However, a person needs to be in perfect shape health wise in order to enjoy cheap quotes. It’s always advisable that a person settles on a reputable insurance company that is known to offer quality services to its customers. In a nutshell, taking a family insurance cover is the best decision one can ever make for his or her family.

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Friday, 27 July 2012

How to Choose Local Insurance Agent

How to Choose Local Insurance Agent?

Life is full of uncertainties and any major event including lose of job, shifting to a new home, buying a new vehicle is enough to trigger proper review of your insurance cover. Our living environment has changed along with our expectations from life. It is important to get the right insurance cover for you and your family. Your insurance cover is the guarantee that you can face any major changes that life throws at you with ease.
Nowadays people prefer to purchase a policy online insurance based on their reviews of other customers. Some consumers even research on a  blog or forum. There is no doubt about the advantages of getting a insurance policy online especially the ease of getting your insurance while sitting in your drawing room. But for the first time insurance buyers it is not advised to go through the process all by yourself. This article will discuss the advantages of hiring a local insurance agent for purchasing the best policy for your family and how these local insurance agents can help in making the most out of your money.

What are the different types of Insurance Agents?

Most of the people are unaware of the fact that there are different types of local insurance agents. Each of these agents has some specific qualities and you can make a choice as per your requirements.
·         Independent Agents: Independent agents are affiliated with different insurance companies and they are best for people having some specific risk cover requirements. These agents receive commission from all the companies they have contract with.
·         Captive Agents: The major difference between independent insurance agents and captive agents is that captive agents are associated with a single company. Just like independent agents, they receive commission from the company. These local insurance agents should be preferred if you are interested in purchasing insurance from a specific insurance provider.
·         Insurance Brokers: Insurance brokers are helpful in complex transactions like getting insurance for your small business. These agents deal in larger markets and they will be your representative for collecting the best quotes for your business. Brokers are generally your best choice simply because they represent more than the average agent or agency.

How to find an insurance agent?

The next step in the ladder is to find a local insurance agent according to your requirements. Some of the best methods of finding an insurance agent are discussed below.
·         Referrals from friends, neighbors, family: Getting referral from your known ones is one of the most common methods of finding an insurance agent. You should focus on important questions like why they recommend a particular local insurance agent or service provider. Is it because of the customer care service, specialty in handling claims, knowledgeable and friendly agent or any other special qualities?
·         Online search: Internet is the new global market and it is best for finding an insurance provider. You can easily find out licensed insurance agents from different companies and contact them accordingly.
·         Local Authorities and Trade Associations: If you are a new business owner, it is best to consult local trade associations for their recommendation. There are some companies working without local insurance agents and you can contact them directly.

Important factors for selecting a Local Insurance Agent

There are some important factors that you should consider before making the final call. Keep in mind that having large number of options is always the best option.

Plan Selection:
If you are looking for family insurance quotes, dental insurance , accident plans, Life Insurance or medicare supplements it is best to find a Local insurance agent with a wide selection.

·         Credentials of Agent: It is best to select a local insurance agent with credentials from major insurance providers. But make sure to ask them that how they earned these credentials and what do they exactly stand for?
·         License: The first thing that you should look out for is the license of the agent as well as insurance provider company. You can easily find such information from the local government bodies and internet.
·         Financial Standings of Company: Make sure to check the financial rating of the company from all the major rating standards. Look out for the ratings of the company and their comparative performance in the market.
·         Ask for References: It is best to ask for references and it will rather make the choice easier for you. Look for references from banks or any other financial institutions.

How to protect yourself from fraud Insurance Agents?

With the large number of insurance agents and providers in the market, the chances of getting into fraud insurance agents are heightened. Some important tips to avoid insurance frauds are given below.
·         The first rule of getting insurance is to avoid giving any personal detail until you are sure about the legitimacy of the provider. Always meet in personal for purchasing an insurance plan.
·         It is advised to maintain proper record of every single document including payment receipt, important paperwork, documents related to insurance and proof of premium payment submission.
·         In case you have not received the hard copy of your insurance policy within 30 days of the insurance, call the company at once. It will help in identifying any potential fraud without further delay.
In the end the most important thing is to do proper research and study of the company before making any choice. Always read the terms and documents before signing. One should always avoid getting too dependent on the agent. After all, it is the insurance cover that provides protection to you and your family. 

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Monday, 23 July 2012

Accident Plan Benefits

Has your Broker presented you with an Accident Insurance ? Maye be Not. When you purchase A high deductible plan it is important to add an accident plan or accident insurance, especially if you have children.    

Here is Why
I personally have a high deductible plan with a 10,000 deductible. My son is 5 years old and at that age they are fearless. He was running in my neighbors house and came around the corner and hit his chin on the granite countertop. His tooth was clearly busted and bleeding. I rushed him to the Emergency Room to see if it was serious. ($75) Just to talk to him. The Emergency Room suggested i speak to his dentist. We immediately scheduled a visit to the dentist. After walking into the dentist without even going in was another ($227). The dentist of course needed to pull it out and give him laughing gas ($110). They pulled his tooth and we were on our way ($412 total) The insurance plan has a 10, 000 deductible and they did not cover anything of course. I filed a claim with the accident plan and the plan covered everything minus a $50 deductible , Awesome

What is Accident Insurance?
Accident insurance is a stand alone policy or even could be included in your policy depending on the carrier for a monthly fee. The accident insurance will cover just accidents. The unexpected things that will happen but you never know. There are different amounts that you could get up to $10,000. Policy Online suggests that you get at least 1/2 of your deductible in accident insurance .

Policy Online Suggestion
Policy Online suggests getting a plan from Value Benefits Of America (VBA ) for many reasons.

1) when you purchase a plan you can add the whole family for $5 extra per month for everyone.
2) The plans come with Call MD. This feature alone is worth the cost.

3) All Plans come with Helicopter rescue which major medical plan usually do not. The paramedics will call for a helicopter if you need it and that trip could be $15,000

4) Out of Country coverage.

5) A Rated Insurer. The NEA accident plan from VBA is insured from Chubb Insurance .

6) Benefits are paid directly to you!!!

Sunday, 22 July 2012

Save On Health Premiums With a Critical Illness plan

Thinking about getting a higher deductible plan to save dollars on your premium is a good decision in my opinion. Clients always choose a higher deductible because the premium is much lower. Every time a client requests a higher deductible I ALWAYS present a Critical illness plan or rider to go along with it.                            

It CAN'T happen to me 
If you are healthy or not when a critical illness knocks at your door it does not matter who you are. Did you ever hear of Steve Jobs, Patrick Swayze, or even superman himself Christoper Reeves all suffered with a critical illness and all the money in the world could not help them.

What is Critical Illness?
A critical illness rider or stand alone plan is a lump sum payment while your living to YOU for a critical illness like heart attack, stroke, cancer, and many more depending on the plan details and state.Life insurance is good, however life insurance only pays out when you die.Critical  Illness pays you while you are alive to get thru your sickness.

Why Is this Important?
Harvard Medical School and Harvard Law School did a joint study that revealed that 50% of all U.S. bankruptcies are caused by critical illness . That because it is tough now to get in 2012 to get a loan with good credit and a good job. Imagine applying for a loan in your hospital bed jobless. Chances are unlikely that you will get the funds to pay your daily living expenses. You will probably not get the treatment you need because of expense. You may also exhaust your savings if you have any or 401K. A critical illness plan starts at just $20 per month and you can get up to $250,000 in coverage.
Your Policy Online Local Insurance Agent can help you with a customized quote..

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Benefits Of Using an Insurance Broker

I recently have always received a good bit of calls from Clients that have thanked Policy Online for being an honest broker. I wanted to share my thoughts in choosing a broker and the benefits simply because Insurance is the only product you will by and not know if it's the right decision until it is too late.

Benefits an Insurance Broker
Lets start by clarifying what an insurance broker role is.  An insurance broker is a person who carries multiple insurance companies to give the consumer choices. The broker does not work for the insurance company however represents those products or services also know as appointed to sell. Since the broker is not employed by the insurance company and only represents the insurance company, they can give you the good and the bad about that company. 

Brokers usually have every type of insurance you are looking for. Policy Online has Health , Life , DentalMedicare, Accident plans and more.

Local Insurance Agent
Polciy Online has licensed local insurance agents in every state in order to fulfill your needs in case you move or if you would like to have a member of your family get the same great service.

Policy Online agents services their own clients.. That means the person selling you the policy is the same person you can call when there is an issue.

Products Available
We represent the top carriers from all over the country. Some of the
are Aetna, Assurant, Colorado Bankers Humana United Healthcare,

We have a secure online platform that you can use to fill out your own health application or we can help you. All done via 256 bit Encryption. Our servers are in the USA at Planet Data Center with the tightest security possible with your information. Want to be impressed Watch this video. Click Here

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